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Horticulture & Landscaping


The Horticulture & Landscaping wing of Godrej Construction was established in 1951 to shape the upcoming industrial township of Pirojshanagar at Vikhroli. Sprawled over 3000 acres, the township soon became an oasis amidst the concrete desert of Mumbai, and came to be referred to as the Industrial Garden Township. Thousands of trees, tens of thousands of shrubs and herbs, and hundreds of varieties of creepers now adorn the township. Godrej Construction has worked closely with the Indian Green Building Council and World Wildlife Fund to create a unique indicator called the Biodiversity Index exclusively for the Group's Pirojshanagar premises. The first township in the country to do so, Pirojshanagar also scored 63 out of a total figure of 92. This is higher than the city of Hyderabad which scored 36 points.

The horticulture services provided in the industrial and residential township are:

Maintenance of gardens divisions according to the grade of garden maintenance.

Development of new gardens as per requirement.

Pruning tree branches which are obstructing activities in the residential township as well as on the company establishment.

Supply and maintenance of pots and flower vases in the company establishment in Mumbai and Pirojshanagar.

Terrace landscapes based on IGBC norms.
Terrace landscapes based on IGBC norms.
Industrial township with Sustainable landscapes
Industrial township with Sustainable landscapes
Traffic Islands at Kranti Veer Chafekar Chowk Fort
Traffic Islands at Godrej Chowk Kemp's Corner

Enviro tech


Environmental Engineering Services (EES)

Environment is a core value of the Godrej Group, and to this end, Godrej Construction is committed to sustainability and responsible corporate citizenship. Being a journey more than just a destination, the objective is to achieve continual improvement and pursue comprehensive environmental excellence. Godrej Construction's environmental sustainability initiatives focus on both biotic and abiotic components. So, Environmental Engineering Services (EES) has been established by Godrej Construction for abiotic, and Horticulture and Landscaping has been created for biotic environments. These departments work together on cross-functional projects, and follow a 'beyond compliance' approach for the continual improvement in environmental sustainability of the Godrej industrial campuses across India as well as the Pirojshanagar Township at Vikhroli.

The EES Department ensures that the operations of Godrej & Boyce comply with all local and national environmental regulations, agreements, protocols and other applicable requirements. It works to mitigate air, water, waste, soil and noise pollution from Godrej's business operations, and the township as a whole.

The EES department has the capability to design and install industrial effluent and sewage treatment plants, water recycling plants and hazardous waste management. Qualified and experienced personnel of EES have successfully completed in-house turnkey projects in industrial wastewater treatment, sewage treatment, water treatment, solid waste management and recycling system. The goal is to pursue continual improvement and comprehensive environmental excellence.

Enviro legal services:
EES facilitates and prepares enviro-legal compliance documents for statutory submission to obtain environmental clearances, consent management and enviro-legal coordination with statutory authorities like the Ministry of Environment, Forests & Climate Change, Central Pollution Control Board, Environment Ministries of various states as well as State Pollution Control Boards. The department also advises business units (BU) of Godrej & Boyce on environmental regulations and their applicability, appraising them of new environmental legislations and their implications, monitoring environmental parameters, analysis and checking compliance of their activities.

The EES Department addresses specific, customised and tailor-made environmental concerns of the Godrej & Boyce's industrial, commercial and residential establishments, under the following heads:

Technical & Engineering support:
Concept development, design, construction, erection and commissioning of environmental management systems for the industrial, commercial and residential developments of Godrej & Boyce. Engineering designs for new waste water management systems, waste management systems, rainwater harvesting systems, water and sewer line network design, as well as upgrading existing systems.

Industrial & Domestic Wastewater Treatment and Recycling:
Operation and maintenance of effluent pumping systems, Effluent Treatment Plants (ETP), sewage pumping systems, Sewage Treatment Plants (STP) and recycling of treated water in processes like concrete preparations, flushing, cooling, hydro testing, gardening etc.

Rainwater Harvesting:
Operation and maintenance of rainwater harvesting systems in industrial premises, commercial spaces and residential colonies for ground water recharge and replenishment during the monsoons.

Hazardous & Non-hazardous Waste Management:
The EES department has set up a comprehensive solid waste management system at Pirojshanagar. 100% of the waste generated on the campus is collected, segregated, composted on campus and sent for recycling. It is one of the few large campuses of Mumbai to adopt the 'zero waste to landfill' approach.

Beyond Compliance Initiatives:
EES has adopted a 'beyond compliance' approach for environmental sustainability by creating appropriate infrastructure on the campuses of Godrej & Boyce, initiating research and implementation projects and adopting voluntary certifications.

Pirojshanagar is a 'water positive' campus as it recycles and replenishes more water than it consumes for its industrial, commercial, residential and other uses.

EES has facilitated some landmark environmental research projects such as carbon sequestration potential of Pirojshanagar mangroves and Biodiversity Index of Pirojshanagar. These projects have helped to improve sustainable management of the Pirojshanagar township by generating data for conservation initiatives and awareness activities.

EES supports the Business Units of Godrej & Boyce in their sustainability endeavours. EES plays a significant role in ISO 14001:2015 Environment Management System and certification management of Integrated Management System (IMS). It contributes to various other environmental sustainability initiatives of Godrej & Boyce, such as Green Building Certification, GreenCo Certification, Green Products Certification and provides support in development of certification documentation according to prevalent standards. It is one of the anchor departments for driving the India Business through the Biodiversity Initiative and Greener India initiative under the group's Good & Green Strategy. The department also contributes to the organisation's Sustainability Report as per GRI G4 standards.

Wetland Management Services (WMS)

Godrej Construction has formed dedicated 'Wetland Management Services' (WMS) for the conservation of the Godrej mangroves at Pirojshanagar, Mumbai. WMS is responsible for conserving mangroves, an effort in which it is supported by other departments like Environmental Engineering

Services, Horticulture Management Services, Construction Engineering Services and Electrical & Electronics Division of Godrej & Boyce for various management activities. The Godrej mangroves are managed on three-pronged approach of Research, Conservation and Awareness. Activities are planned under the Environment Management System of ISO 14001 certification.

Our experts provide guidance on the mangrove ecosystem, logistic support and networking to aid research and academic institutes. Attempts are made to gradually enhance the level of research for themes identified by WMS. Our research mainly focuses on the mangrove ecosystem, its services, management and pollution trends of the Thane creek.

On-site conservation activities include development and regular maintenance of nature trails and theme gardens, management of the mangrove nursery and mangrove plantation, patrolling to prevent encroachments and tree felling.

Awareness initiatives are solely implemented by the WMS team through nature walks, indoor sessions in the Mangrove Information Centre, presentations in seminars and conferences and published articles in journals and magazines. As a part of the corporate induction programme, every employee of Godrej & Boyce is sensitised towards diversity and the importance of mangroves through a nature walk. Annually, 6000-7000 citizens of the Mumbai metropolitan Region learn about mangroves through our awareness programmes.

To enhance Godrej's mangrove conservation outreach - 'beyond the fence', we have launched the Mangroves mobile app to identify 24 true mangrove and mangrove-associated species of Maharashtra. The app helps users identify species in three ways, namely, by the shape of the leaf, the colour of the flower, and the name of the species. A detailed plant profile of each species with images of the tree, leaves, flowers, fruits and roots are provided for species identification. The Godrej mangrove app is Asia's first mobile app focusing on the mangrove ecosystem.

Know more about the initiative on www.mangroves.godrej.com