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Horticulture & Landscaping


The Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd. is a more than century old business in India and is a synonym for quality among the consumers. The Horticulture Dept. was started in 1951 to shape the upcoming Industrial Township of Pirojshanagar at Vikhroli sprawled over 3000 acres, the Township soon became an oasis amidst the concrete desert of Mumbai. The Township was then referred to as Industrial Garden Township. Thousands of trees, tens of thousands of shrubs and herbs and creepers of hundreds of variety are decorating the Township.

Horticulture Services provided in the Industrial and Residential Township are:

Maintenance of gardens around the different divisions according to the grade of garden maintenance.

Development of new garden as per requirement of the respective divisions.

Pruning of tree branches which are obstructing activities in the residential township as well as company establishment.

Supply and maintenance of pots and flowers vases in the company establishment in Mumbai and Pirojshanagar.

Terrace landscapes based on IGBC norms.
Terrace landscapes based on IGBC norms.
Industrial township with Sustainable landscapes
Industrial township with Sustainable landscapes
Traffic Islands at Kranti Veer Chafekar Chowk Fort
Traffic Islands at Godrej Chowk Kemp’s Corner

Enviro tech


Environment is a core value of the organisation and we are committed to sustainability and responsible corporate citizenship. It is our endeavour to achieve continual improvement and the pursuit of environmental excellence in all facets

We as Envirotech Department were incorporated in 1980 to address the specific environmental requirements of the Godrej Group. Our activities started from legal compliance to environmental legislation and then graduated to design and installation of industrial effluent & sewage treatment plants, water recycling plants and hazardous waste management. Our qualified and experienced personnel have successfully completed in-house turnkey projects in the field of industrial wastewater treatment, sewage treatment & water treatment.

Enviro legal services:
As a commitment of responsible corporate citizen we ensure that our operations comply with all local and national legislations & regulations, legal agreements and other requirements applicable to our operations.

Under legal compliance we facilitate, prepare legal compliance documents for statutory submission such as Environmental clearances, consent management, environmental statements, environmental management plans, forms and applications of various regulatory requirements, and enviro-legal correspondence with governmental organisations and statutory body such as Ministry of Environment and Forests, Govt. Of India, Central Pollution Control Board, Environment Ministries of various states as well as Sate Pollution Control Boards. We advise the manufacturing divisions regarding environmental regulations and their applicability, communicating with them for new environmental legislation and its implications and monitoring its compliance with respect to their activities. We conduct scanning of applicable environmental legal requirements / applicability during development of new industrial and residential setups and facilitate obtaining the requisite clearances.

We have the necessary capabilities for addressing specific, customized and tailor-made environmental concerns of our industrial as well as residential establishment. The services that we undertake could be classified as:

Technical support:
We undertake Concept Development, Design, Construction, Erection and Commissioning of Effluent Treatment Projects of Industrial and residential Complexes as internal service provider. We prepare as well as identify, review and study the technical proposals submitted for best possible options by which treated effluent and sewage can be recycled for process applications and gardening.

The specific technical support in the aspects of waste water engineering, upgrading of existing water and waste water treatment facilities, testing and water analysis of quality / quantity parameters, piping of water treatment plant / sewer line net work designing, feasibility study for setting up new or upgrading existing facility.

Construction of Treatment Plant:
We facilitate civil construction works for our projects and activities related to construction of sewage, Industrial waste water and Water treatment plants. by providing civil engineering drawings and other specifications that support the project for construction of treatment plants.

Installation & Commissioning of Treatment Plant:
We execute installation and commissioning activities of the treatment plants in the field of sewage and wastewater treatment plants. Our experienced team have the expertise to install and commission plants. The experienced manpower and latest equipment enables us to execute projects with perfection and on time with help of specialist for such work.

Industrial Wastewater Treatment:
Operation and maintenance of Effluent pumping systems, Effluent Treatment Plants (ETP) and control processes and systems such as physico-chemical processes like oil recovery, clarifiers, heavy metal removal systems, for effluent generated from manufacturing activities such as electroplating , phosphating, surface treatments etc. for statutory compliance and for recycling of treated waste water in to the industrial processes like Hydro testing of Process Equipments, Horticulture and Landscaping activities. etc.

Domestic Sewage Treatment and recycling:
Operation and maintenance of Sewage pumping systems, Sewage Treatment Plants (STP) and control processes and systems such as physico-chemical and biological treatment processes like grit removal, Sequential Batch Reactor systems, pressure sand filters, activated carbon filters and disinfection process for sewage generated from domestic activities of industrial premises and residential colony for statutory compliance and supply of recycled treated sewage water for the processes like concrete preparations, toilet flushing and gardening etc. catering services to RMC business, Estate leasing business, New Industrial, Commercial and Residential Projects and Horticulture and Landscaping activities.

The treated waste water is used for augmenting the available well water resource and supplied for flushing and washing requirements in the manufacturing plants and leased premises ensuring conservation of precious natural resources.

Water Treatment:
Operation and maintenance of water treatment / softening process plant for providing drinking water.

Green Buildings:
We carry out Concept Development, Design, Construction, Erection and Commissioning of Water Management in Green Building including wastewater treatment and recycling. Development of Green building certification document as per the reference standards with overall coordination with facilitators, certifying agency and obtaining Precertification and final certification for projects also forms part of our activities.