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The Construction Materials Business of Godrej Construction was established in the year 1997. We are one of the first concrete manufacturers in the country to have the certification for Integrated Management System which includes certification for ISO: 9001, ISO: 14001 OHSAS: 18001 & QCI. We are also the first in the industry to bag accolades in CII-EXIM Business Excellence assessments. Godrej Construction is committed to delivering high quality concrete that always meets the customer's requirements.




Godrej Construction has state-of-the-art facilities with well-equipped Central Concrete Lab which enables us to adopt cutting edge concrete technologies and practices.

Each RMC plant has a dedicated Quality Control Laboratory with quality control expert to monitor the QC of every batch of concrete being manufactured. Continual research & development exercises ensure availability of concrete products which incorporate latest technologies and are yet economical.

The R&D Lab offers excellent opportunity to develop products such as ultra-high performance concrete, pervious concrete, decorative concrete which can be tailor made as per the customer's requirement.

Products & Services


The TUFF range of concrete products are designed to suit your every need. Each product is specially engineered in our state-of-the-art ISO: 9001, ISO: 14001 OHSAS: 18001 & QCI certified facilities to provide ready mix concrete that is manufactured to your specifications.

Ready Mix Concrete

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Why RMC?


RMC is a well-studied product, which means all the raw materials and their combinations are investigated thoroughly before being dispatched for the site. This not only increases the level of quality assurance but also optimizes the raw material content yielding immense technical and commercial benefits to the user.

RMC utilizes state-of the-art equipments and knowhow to deliver a tailor made building material for each project, thus making possible, the realization of otherwise difficult-to-execute structures. Another advantage which RMC offers is that of scale and speed; one can pour mass concrete in an uninterrupted manner and that too at speeds unheard of before. And yes, the comfort, convenience and confidence that one can have while buying RMC is unparalleled. A big portion of your project i.e. producing and pouring of concrete is not only outsourced but handed over to experts in concrete who ensure exceptional performance delivery and responsibility so you can focus on other aspects of the project.

RMC VS Site Mix

RMC is a high quality product as it is manufactured through an automated process under stringently controlled conditions

Requirement of storage space and labor for building materials on site is eliminated

It can be tailor made according to customer specific requirements

Time required for construction is greatly reduced as RMC can be manufactured and delivered in large quantities

Noise and dust pollution at site is reduced

Organization at site is more streamlined